Avionics & Space Applications


Internet & Live TV on Business Jets

  • RTCA DO-160 & RTCA/DO-178 compliant
  • - 55°C operational
  • Two band satellite communication
  • Vertical connector for GigE interface
  • Install of Atlta DT ARINC 429 miniPCIe module
  • MAGBES-21HS on top
  • Linux OS with Real Time patches

Airborne Control PC with flexible data storage units

  • Digital modular system for aerial image acquisition
  • Used in helicopters and fixed-wing aircrafts
  • PIP11 used in a user specific compact housing, board mounted on cooling plate
  • Connected to the PIP:
    - over FW up to 2 digital cameras with 39Mpixel
    - over SATA two storage units for 6400 images
    - over DVI & USB a 8 inch TFT touch-screen

Airborne Sensor control and data logging system

  • 3D laser measurements of the earth´s surface
  • Used in helicopters and fixed-wing aircrafts
  • Standard PIP11 with flange, mounted on shock absorbing platform
  • The PIP manages and controls the "Light Detection and Ranging unit" and acts as data logger during airborne missions

Data Transfer Device

  • Commercial & Military aircraft use, for distributing mission data over PCCard or SATA drives to all mission systems
  • IBM440 GX/666MHz PowerPC, 10.5 Watts, 4x SATA , 3x GigE Ports, ...
  • Low power consumption ext. Temperature
  • Long-term availability

Wireless Communication Space Shuttle

  • Used in Space Shuttle & ISS Operations
  • Key points: low power design, rugged design, multiple SW support (Linux, RT Linux, VxWorks) reliability, support and test results (radiation environment)

Storage Controller in Avionics Program

  • Data storage and data communication during mission
  • Used in various airplanes
  • Key points: ruggedness, extended temperature, support, flexibility (semi custom), long-term availability
  • VxWorks & Linux OS support

MIR Interface System to payload system

  • Interfaces Payload-Systems to the Tele-metry-System in the Space-Station MIR
  • Launched May 94 with a Proton Rocket, returned August 96 with STS-79 Space shuttle

Data Acquisition on airplanes

  • Custom development around the IBM405 CPU, onboard Flash & RAM
  • The CPU board is used as avionics computer in a PC/104-Plus stack
  • Extended temperature design for -40°C up to +85°C
  • Due to the broad experience MPL was selected to develop the specific board, which is coated according customer requirement

PIP installed in helicopter

  • The heat scan camera is connected to the embedded PC installed on board the helicopter
  • The system can detect warm spots on earth, lost humans in the forest, hot spots of fire, as well as victims in avalanches
  • Key decision factors: compactness, flexibility of the system, amount of features. The product comes with extended temperature
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