Medical & Healthcare Applications


Medical Panel-PCs

  • Integration of customized PIP20/22 boards delivered on special cooling plate
  • Thanks to low power consumption, the systems does not need any fans
  • A complete closed IP-65 protection is possible
  • Versions with 19" and 21.3" LCDs, as well as with touch screen
  • Use of special designed passive 1 slot PCI card extension board

Data Entry System in Operating Room

  • Stainless steel Panel PIP (PIP9 with 19" display)
  • Fanless & noiseless with power full CPU
  • IP65 (Front, side, as well as back)
  • Low power design

Blood Autotransfusion for Operating Rooms

  • High speed centrifuge (10'000 rpm) for separation of the blood
  • Reliability, stable design (FDA Approval)
  • Over thousand units delivered in the past years
  • Long-term relation

Online Verification for Radiotherapy Treatments

  • Portal-Vision Imaging System, allows observation of treatment
  • Data Acquisition with DSP and Processing with Communication Processor
  • Combination of custom & standard products of MPL
  • MPL manufactures complete System

Laboratory Equipment

  • x86 CPU board with lowest power consumption
  • Graphic controller for 5.7" display (STM + TFT)
  • Long-term availability
  • use of RTOS-32
  • Customer specific boot screen done by MPL
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