MPL AG Newsletter March 2021
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MPL AG Newsletter March 2021

Cost effective customizing of a COTS solution, explained on our µMAGBES 10-port switch
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Since 1985, MPL has been developing and manufacturing embedded systems and solutions in computing and network for tough environments, highest reliability requirements and with long-term availability. One important area for MPL products, is the capability of customization for a standard product to the specific needs and design of the customer application. Below a sample of such a customization.
µMAGBES customized solution
Standard COTS 10-port switchCustomized 10-port switch Solution

A customer tested a 10-port µMAGBES switch from the standard product portfolio to verify the functionality and feasibility. The solution was available from stock hence testing could start immediately. This universal managed 10-port Gigabit Switch Family is widely used in rugged and tough environments. Namely in application areas like railways, defense or maritime, to name a few.

All desired requirements could be fulfilled with the existing µMAGBES product. However, the customer wanted to have implemented a specific solution he had experiences before.
His mandatory functionality was integrated on the existing layout of the µMAGBES board. This engineering change helped him to fulfill his specification to 100%. Another point of customization was the implementation of his demanding protocols. This could be fulfilled by our large library of special drivers in time.

Further the customer required specific connectors that had to be integrated into the design. The connector footprint was customized to two types. Thus, the customer had the choice, which version he would like to order. With one design, he has two different products to match his various needs.

With this procedure, the costs as well as the necessary time could be reduced to a minimum. The customer benefits from the experience of our switch products and still gets his specification in the standard product. This is an example of a customization of a standard product and the same applies to any of the standard MPL products. It can be the functionality of the product or simply the packaging or type of connectors.

These capabilities make the µMAGBES the ideal candidate for any robust, industrial, and secure network application. Due to the low power consumption, robust and flexible design, the product is well suited for any embedded system and solution. More information about the µMAGBES Gigabit Switch

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PIP customized solution
Standard COTS PIP 4x ComputerCustomized PIP Solution

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