Ultra compact rugged managed 1Gbit Switch with 10 - 28 ports
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MPL AG Newsletter April 2018

Ultra compact rugged managed 1Gbit Switch with 10 - 28 ports is about to be released

Valued reader,

After nearly 10 years years of successfully supplying the manages switches for rugged and tough applications. Regardless if used on ships, trains, airplanes, vehicles, industry or even the International Space Station, they have been chosen because of its uniqueness and reliability, The customer base and their applications requested a smaller managed switch with more ports, but still with the same quality and reliability as the current MAGBES Family. Due to the tough selection of parts, we have not been able to fulfill this requirement until now. However, we now can announce an expansion of our rugged switch family with the brand new 然AGBES. The new 然AGBES is currently in endurance verification at MPL Switzerland. The new product family has been designed and manufactured meeting our high standards like; long-term availability, extended temperature capability, and modularity, to achieve the flexibility needed to meet the various application requirements. The existing MAGBES and MAXBES products remain in production.

The new 然AGBES comes with 10 managed Gigabit Ethernet ports and can be expanded up to 28 ports
- All ports come with lockable header
- Has a wide DC input from 5 to 36VDC and using only 6W with 10 ports
- Fully manageable over Web interface or Telnet
- Fanless operation from -40蚓 to 85蚓
- Ultra compact size with 75mm x 115mm

The new 然AGBES is currently available as open frame board solution. Packaged version built in a compact rugged housing with RJ45, M12, or MIL connectors will follow based on customer requests and requirements. Standards like EN50155, IEC 60945, MIL-STD-810, ... can be fulfilled with this concept as well.

The 然AGBES solution supports all standards you need in your network, for example
- Configuration via Web Interface (including SSL), Telnet, SNMP or Serial Interface
- Automatic or manual port settings including SFP Diagnostic
- Port Based and IEEE 802.1Q VLAN
- Quality of Service
- MAC Authentication
- SNMP Support (including SNMPv3)
- IEEE 802.1D Rapid Spanning Tree
- Port Monitoring
If you need more information, please contact us since the product is not on our website yet.

Plan your new Ethernet network or expansion with a MPL solution that includes rugged Switches, Routers as well as Firewalls. With the same small size, we are testing a new 湟UARD (Firewall, Router, Access Point) More news about this 湟UARD will follow soon.
All products (SW and HW) are 100% designed and produced by MPL in Switzerland. This gives you the security you can trust. The 然AGBES will available for 10+ years. If you need a solution for your project with the same BOM for the next years? No problem, this is our standard offer.

If you have any question or special requirements, feel free to contact us.

Kind regards,
Your MPL team

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phone: +41 (0)56 / 483 34 34
email: info@mpl.ch
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