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Newsletter December 2021   Swiss designed rugged compact & managed 10Gbit port Switch

Newsletter November 2021   EN50155 and IEC60945 Certified Embedded Computers with 9th Gen Intel CPUs

Newsletter October 2021   MPL's Innovative Design for Rugged Embedded Xeon Server wins Gold

Newsletter August 2021   Rapid Prototyping to meet Time-to-Market

Newsletter July 2021   Rugged conductive cooled Computer with NVIDIA RTX 5000

Newsletter May 2021   Rugged Premium 20.1" Panel Computer - TRICOR Family

Newsletter April 2021   Bypass Switch that increases network reliability

Newsletter March 2021   Cost effective customizing of a COTS solution, explained on our µMAGBES switch

Newsletter February 2021   Managed 19" 10-port Gbit Switch now available with PTP/gPTP Support

Newsletter January 2021   MPL's Innovative Design for Rugged Embedded Computer wins Gold

Newsletter January 2021   HD-SDI built in Fanless Embedded Rugged Solution with 9 Gen Intel CPU

Newsletter December 2020   Rugged MIL/COTS SwaP-C Server Solution with 10Gbit Fiber Port

Newsletter November 2020   Rugged Premium 15" Panel Computer - TRICOR15 Family

Newsletter October 2020   MPL Switch Family now supporting Precision Time protocol (PTP1588)

Newsletter September 2020   The smallest and most flexible Firewall / Router - μGUARD

Newsletter August 2020   Most compact Copper to Fiber Optic Media Converter - μTX2FX

Newsletter July 2020   Rugged Solutions for demanding Environment - TRICOR 12.1" Panel Computer

Newsletter June 2020   Swiss engineered and manufactured Firewall/Router/Access-Point for rugged Environments

Newsletter Mai 2020   Compact CPU PowerPack Dual i7 (9th Gen) Embedded Computer in 2U Rack

Newsletter March 2020   Managed 10-port Gigabit Switch built in 19" 1U Rack to be used in Vehicles

Newsletter February 2020   Rugged Intel 9th Generation Fanless Solution built in IP67 Housing

Newsletter January 2020   Fanless Xeon Server with 10Gbit ports in IP67 housing

Newsletter November 2019   Fanless Embedded Rugged Solution with 9th Generation Intel CPU

Newsletter July 2019   Swap-C Mission Control Computer with 1553, ARINC 429, and CAN

Newsletter Mai 2019   First delivery of the PIP40 Family with the 8th Generation Intel CPUs

Newsletter March 2019   10-port Gigabit MAXBES MIL-Switch with 2x SFP+ 10Gbit ports

Newsletter February 2019   Gateway used on Fire Brigade Trucks

Newsletter Januar 2019   Rugged Xeon Server for unmanned vehicles with wide input

Newsletter November 2018   Custom Rugged Computer with Quad Core i7 / Fanless

Newsletter September 2018   MPL-Driven unmanned racing car wins a second time on Hockenheimring

Newsletter July 2018   Rugged conductive cooled GPGPU Computer with 768-CUDA Cores

Newsletter June 2018   Failing Servers due to clogged air fans and filters

Newsletter April 2018   Ultra compact rugged managed 1Gbit Switch with 10-28 ports

Newsletter February 2018   IEC 60945 Marine Certified fanless embedded i7 Computer (PIP39-M)

Newsletter December 2017   Compact, Extremely Robust 18inch Panel PC

Newsletter November 2017   Compact M12 8-Port managed Switch for Rugged Environments

Newsletter September 2017   MPL driven unmanned racing car wins on Hockenheimring

Newsletter July 2017   Embedded Computer Expansion Options III

Newsletter June 2017   Rugged Xeon-D fanless Server Solution with up to 16 Cores

Newsletter May 2017   Embedded Computer Expansion Options II

Newsletter March 2017   MPL Embedded Computer used on Racing Sailboat

Newsletter February 2017   Embedded Computer Expansion Options

Newsletter November 2016   Embedded Computer (PIP30 Family) now with "E" Approval

Newsletter October 2016   MXM /GPGPU Graphics Expansion for the PIP

Newsletter July 2016   Broader range of EN50155 Railway Certified MPL Embedded Computers

Newsletter April 2016   Rugged 10-port managed 10Gbit Switch is being released

Newsletter February 2016   The CEC10 Family used as Communication Router for fixed and mobile Applications

Newsletter October 2015   IoT ready, Universal, Compact & Modular Atom Solution

Newsletter August 2015   Modular, Long-term available 19" Rack Embedded Solution

Newsletter May 2015   Integration of mPCIe, XMC, and PMC mezzanine cards into a Compact Rugged Computer Solution

Newsletter March 2015   UNIGET: Quad Ethernet board with Power over Ethernet (PoE+)

Newsletter October 2014   Rugged managed GigE Switch Product Family with lockable header

Newsletter July 2014   TX2FX-13: More than just a Media Converter

Newsletter June 2014   The New Generation CEC with Intel Bay Trail CPU

Newsletter April 2014   Solution to expand Embedded Computer with PCIe x16

Newsletter November 2013   Extreme UPS System for rugged embedded computers

Newsletter July 2013   Compact rugged Open Frame Gigabit Firewall & VPN Router

Newsletter March 2013   MPL delivers 3rd. Gen. PIP3x Solutions to its customers

Newsletter January 2013   PIP38, the MPL designed 3rd Gen i7 Core goes in serial production

Newsletter November 2012   EN50155 certified Firewall/Router for railways applications

Newsletter September 2012   3rd Generation Intel Core Processor Technology for the PIPs

Newsletter July 2012   Small, Rugged Embedded Computer with low power consumption

Newsletter April 2012   The Compact Embedded Industrial PC (CEC) - now going to be Marine certified

Newsletter January 2012   The meaning of "Flexibility" at MPL AG

Newsletter December 2011   PIP20 Family - Embedded PC with Intel Processor

Newsletter November 2011   GUARD-FS - Industrial Firewall/Router with Gigabit Switch

Newsletter September 2011   SPINAL-1 - extreme rugged power backup system

Newsletter August 2011   Industrial Ethernet Product Line

Newsletter May 2011   GUARD-F1 - Rugged Industrial Gigabit Firewall and VPN Router

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