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This is the archive area for the PC-Card Reader/Writer (MCDISK) and shows products that are not manufactured anymore. For current products, please check out the PC-Card Readers/Writers area.

The MCDISK (Memory Card DISK) is a card reader/writer device for PCMCIA/JEIDA compatible memory cards. These cards are widely used in mobile computers and are available from many manufacturers in various types and sizes. The MCDISK can handle a wide variety of cards of any size: SRAM, ROM, OTP, FLASH, EEPROM, PC-ATA disks (mechanical/silicon miniature disk drives) as well as I/O cards for special applications. All mechanical card types (I, II, III and IV/oversized) are supported.


Desktop Versions
MCDISK-G-5 Single Slot PCMCIA Card Reader Writer with SCSI-Interface
MCRW-G-5 PCMCIA Card Reader Writer with RS232-Interface

Open Frame Versions
MCDISK-G-1 Single Slot PCMCIA Card Reader Writer with SCSI-Interface
MCRW-G-1 PCMCIA Card Reader Writer with RS232-Interface

PC-Card Documentation

In diesem Bereich sind alle Dokumentationen für MPL-Produkte elektronisch verfügbar. Sie können nach Produktegruppe und innerhalb der Gruppe nach Produkt suchen. Sollten Sie das benötigte Handbuch oder Datenblatt nicht finden, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte. Dokumente für nicht mehr produzierte Produkte finden Sie im Archiv Bereich jedes Produktes.

Product Description Doc Type Size  pdf File
MCDISK CCard User ManualEN Manual284.51 KBdownload
MCDISK MCDISK Technical Reference ManualEN Manual466.57 KBdownload
MCDISK MCDISK-D User ManualEN Manual143.1 KBdownload
MCDISK MCDISK-E User ManualEN Manual498.05 KBdownload
MCDISK MCDISK-G User ManualEN Manual220.55 KBdownload
MCDISK MCDISK Multiple Disk LettersEN Technote98.75 KBdownload
MCDISK PC Exchange Patch InstallationEN Technote251.08 KBdownload
MCRW MCRW Technical Reference ManualEN Manual241.69 KBdownload
MCRW MCRW User ManualEN Manual323.34 KBdownload
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